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Over the last 30 years, the advisors of Clelan and Company have supported their clients through bull and bear markets, and helped navigate them through recessions and periods of economic growth and prosperity.  Our commitment to you now remains the same.

Our approach is quite different than that of other financial advisors.  Our primary purpose is to deliver a sense of knowing that you're on the right course. We do this through a distinctive approach, built on a relationship of trust.

If you have ever wondered whether you’re on the right course to reach your retirement destination or how to invest wisely but prudently so you have the best chance of enjoying your standard of living no matter how long you live, then you’ve come to the right place.

This practice was founded—and has flourished—because of its alignment with some of our deepest beliefs. We value:

  • personal freedom
  • relationships
  • honesty
  • integrity and
  • service

We want to see people succeed in life and we love helping them move to a place whereby they’re free to enjoy an enriching life without constantly worrying about finances.  The freedom this brings to a person’s life—especially during retirement—is priceless.

What Makes Clelan Unique?

First, we ask the right questions. Then we listen. To your goals, your dreams, and your heart. Entering retirement, what is important to you? Travel?  Leaving an inheritance for your children? Or maybe funding a community project that propagates your passion?  Financial success is very personal.

Then, as fee-based independent planners, we go to the marketplace and search for solutions that are most appropriate for YOU. That in itself is unique.

In short, we are the catalyst that helps you take the noise and information out there, make sense of it, put it in context for your unique situation, and create a comprehensive plan to help pursue your version of financial success.


Are you “One of Us?”

  • You are nearing or in retirement.
  • You desire financial confidence and you value security.
  • You have more than $500,000 of investable assets or will soon, and you want someone you can trust to help manage them. 
  • You’ve been a great steward of your resources, living within your means and saving for your future. 
  • You desire to develop a relationship of trust with an experienced planner—one with the heart of a teacher—who helps you see very clearly a comprehensive view  of where you want to be and how to get there. 
  • You enjoy your quality of life and want to see it continue long in to retirement.
  • You’re bright and knowledgeable in your field of expertise and you value these characteristics in others. 
  • You want your opinion to matter in any professional relationship.
  • You want to know that when you need support or help, you’ll get it. 
  • You value family, community, and connection. 


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Smart Thinking  




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At Clelan and Company, we know firsthand the upswings and the downdrafts of career, business ownership, and family life.  Achieving balance is difficult. We also know that those shifting from the accumulation to the income and preservation stage of life want to minimize turbulence and experience clear sailing.  They want the freedom of mind to enjoy their passions.

Achieving such a state doesn’t just happen, but we know the flight path to help you get there.

We start with a personalized plan—nothing cookie cutter here.  And we communicate and connect with you in a meaningful way, knowing that you are the most important navigator of your own destiny.

Reaching your financial destination starts with a well designed plan, putting a smart team in place, and ensuring the vehicle to help get you there is fueled and ready.  All you should have to do is climb aboard.


Learn more about our process.