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Personalized Strategies, Smart Thinking, Determination

You define yourself in many different ways.  So does Clelan. First, the firm's founders, Doug and Denise Clelan are closely-held family business owners.  They make the same hard decisions you make regarding life balance, family, civic service and career. And they have built their success in much the same way you have—through long-standing relationships, trust and integrity.  They have guided hundreds of hard-working professionals and business owners through the maze of financial decisions necessary to help pursue financial success.  Through integration of their clients’ personal and business assets, the advisors of Clelan and Company  work to unite your vision with their knowledge.

We know first-hand what it takes to build, manage, and conserve a thriving business. That’s why at every level of contact with our firm, you can expect personal, impeccable, and prompt attention. The focus of our team is always on you.



Defined, Designed and Delivered

Listening to where you want to be and helping you get THERE is what we do best. We explore your most important life goals, factor in your present position and design a strategy that hits the markers along the way. Navigating you through the rough stuff and taking you where we said we would has given us a reputation as financial advisors who are determined to get you THERE.

Our goal is for you to be able to focus on living life and staying inspired. Using state of the art software to deliver updated information to you 24/7, you are free to do what made you successful in the first place, and we’ll do what we do to help keep you flying high. 

Wherever your THERE is, you can trust Clelan to provide a personalized strategy and a top-level view to help keep you on course to reach your financial destination. Take the first step, contact us today.



Personalized Strategies  


Smart Thinking  




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At Clelan and Company, we know firsthand the upswings and the downdrafts of career, business ownership, and family life.  Achieving balance is difficult. We also know that those shifting from the accumulation to the income and preservation stage of life want to minimize turbulence and experience clear sailing.  They want the freedom of mind to enjoy their passions.

Achieving such a state doesn’t just happen, but we know the flight path to help you get there.

We start with a personalized plan—nothing cookie cutter here.  And we communicate and connect with you in a meaningful way, knowing that you are the most important navigator of your own destiny.

Reaching your financial destination starts with a well designed plan, putting a smart team in place, and ensuring the vehicle to help get you there is fueled and ready.  All you should have to do is climb aboard.


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