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Reaching your THERE rarely happens by chance. It requires a plan. It requires a process.

With your THERE in sights, we use our Integrated Success Strategy to tailor a financial plan aligned with your life vision.  Once the destination is set, we chart your course, and set the markers.  Milestone after milestone, we work with you, guiding and directing, until you have landed safely.

We understand your time is valuable, so we limit the demands on you, while still providing personal attention and ongoing communication.  Our time-tested and results-focused process ensures we’ll help you get THERE.

We offer In-depth planning, personalized attention, and strategic advice. We’re watching out for your future as though it were our own. And earning your trust is not something we take for granted. At Clelan and Company, we’ll help take you where you want to go. You have our word on that.

 In-Depth Planning
 To get in-depth, we first must comprehend. That means getting our arms around your entire financial picture. Looking at all the moving pieces from 40,000 feet helps us ensure everything is working together to get you THERE.

Then, with a steady hand firmly on the controls, we conscientiously and tactically uncover all the moving parts of your financial and retirement plan, bring them together, and bring it home. Flying high enough to get the big picture and making sure the course ahead hits all the stops along the way is what Clelan does best. You feel a deep sense of relief knowing the course you’re taking will help get your where you want to go.
We leave no stone unturned by:
  • Charting a path to help you retire on time while minimizing the risk of outliving your money 
  • Anticipating unexpected events and helping you plan to navigate through them successfully 
  • Searching for opportunities to help save you money and improve your results
  • Working cooperatively with your tax and legal advisors for maximum effectiveness
 Personalized Attention
Developing relationships with our clients is something we pride ourselves on and it is what we feel sets us apart. We care about your goals, your hopes and dreams. We listen. We discuss. And then we connect our extensive knowledge of the financial world with your unique situation and develop a strategy to help get you where you want to go. And in so doing, we give you the comfort of knowing that if something happened to you tomorrow, your family would be okay. And that gives you great confidence. 
At Clelan and Company, we know success is a personal journey mostly taken in solitude. Sure, you have help and a great team, but most times the decision is on you and you alone. We analyze both your financial and personal goals and take the time others may not. We understand that what you’re working toward isn’t always a dollar figure but an ideal, value or goal you believe in. We take flight with your dreams to help get you THERE.
 Strategic Advice  
Part art, part science, all vision. Clelan has honed our strategy skills for your benefit. We are practiced in the art of assimilation, so we work in harmony with your other advisors, helping to assure complete integration of any planning steps you take. The science of numbers is also worked, knowing that everything must align in the end. And our top-level vision respects the decisions you’ve made up to now and incorporates them with where you want to be. 
At Clelan, we are not product focused—we are people focused. We recognize that the myriad of financial tools in the market can be overwhelming. We also know that a tool or strategy that may be right for one person is not necessarily suitable for the next. Knowing you on a deeper level helps us direct your path more smoothly. 
We understand your desire for objectivity and for recommendations that serve your best interests, not ours. We have the determination you need to keep your personalized strategy in our sites and the smart thinking to get it done tactically. 

See our video for more information.


Personalized Strategies  


Smart Thinking  




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At Clelan and Company, we know firsthand the upswings and the downdrafts of career, business ownership, and family life.  Achieving balance is difficult. We also know that those shifting from the accumulation to the income and preservation stage of life want to minimize turbulence and experience clear sailing.  They want the freedom of mind to enjoy their passions.

Achieving such a state doesn’t just happen, but we know the flight path to help you get there.

We start with a personalized plan—nothing cookie cutter here.  And we communicate and connect with you in a meaningful way, knowing that you are the most important navigator of your own destiny.

Reaching your financial destination starts with a well designed plan, putting a smart team in place, and ensuring the vehicle to help get you there is fueled and ready.  All you should have to do is climb aboard.


Learn more about our process.