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We’re growing!

At Clelan and Company, we have a passion for helping others pursue their life-long dreams.  We know from decades of experience that reaching personal financial freedom; or experiencing a worry-free retirement, rarely happens by chance.  It requires solid planning, careful monitoring, and a high level of knowledge.

As a valued client, you know firsthand the personal attention we provide.  You know that your success is extremely important to us and you know you can count on us to give you our very best.

Will you help us share this same top-notch advisory experience with your friends, colleagues, and family members?

We do our very best work with persons who:

  • Are nearing or in retirement.
  • Desire financial confidence.
  • Have more than $500,000 of investable assets or will soon and want someone they can trust to help manage them.
  • Have been great stewards of their resources; living within their means and saving for the future.
  • Desire a relationship of trust with an experienced planner—one with the heart of a teacher—who helps them see very clearly a comprehensive view of where they want to be and how to get them there.
  • Enjoy a certain quality of life and wants to see it continue long in to retirement.
  • Are bright and knowledgeable in their field of expertise and value these characteristics in others.
  • Want their opinions to matter in any professional relationship.
  • Want to know that when they need support or help, they will get it.
  • Value family, community, and connection.

If this sounds like someone you know, we would love to have the opportunity to meet them.  Just complete the form below and we’ll be sure to reach out to you first to discuss an approach that’s comfortable.

Thank you in advance for helping us GROW in purpose and passion.


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At Clelan and Company, we know firsthand the upswings and the downdrafts of career, business ownership, and family life.  Achieving balance is difficult. We also know that those shifting from the accumulation to the income and preservation stage of life want to minimize turbulence and experience clear sailing.  They want the freedom of mind to enjoy their passions.

Achieving such a state doesn’t just happen, but we know the flight path to help you get there.

We start with a personalized plan—nothing cookie cutter here.  And we communicate and connect with you in a meaningful way, knowing that you are the most important navigator of your own destiny.

Reaching your financial destination starts with a well designed plan, putting a smart team in place, and ensuring the vehicle to help get you there is fueled and ready.  All you should have to do is climb aboard.


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